Established in 1996 with a 10-year sector experience in Bursa, our company, which is still in Bursa, produces a total of 23 years of experience with shelf accessories for all food and non-food stores, sales support equipment, hobby rack systems for the last consumer and electronic device carriers year and continued to operate in all product groups until 2010. As of 2010, market equipment sales in order to specialize in product groups METRİN Metal Ltd. Şti. Sti. grouping of finished products by grouping products. We are continuing our activity with 12 thousand 500 square meters working on field 70. Electronic device carriers and manufacturers of shelf systems are available for sale on domestic and national china distributor shelves, and sales volume is in the foreground. It also continues to be on sale for sale at stores and sales outlets. Our company is continuing exporting business with its portfolio of customers in all product groups today with the slogan 'END PA' in every living place. We do not work with European standards on delivery; customer satisfaction and quality are not keeping the front plan. The quality of our products and our company is also registered with ISO 9001-CE certificates.

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